Surrey Chambers Case-Study

8 Individual Workstation Assessments were undertaken for Surrey Chambers staff at their offices in Woking.


How we undertook the Display Screen Equipment Evaluation (DSE)

Written consent was obtained from each employee for assessment, including photograph to be undertaken and a report to be sent to the employer.

Confidential interviews with each employee was undertaken to gain information on medical history, particular issues relating to DSE, job role, hours of work, break behaviour etc.

Observation and postural analysis of individual at their desk, including photograph, measurements and task analysis.  Our assessments comply with current European Health and Safety Legislation.

Changes were made to each staff member’s set up to improve the individual’s posture and reduce the likelihood of current or future discomfort.

Discussion on ways to improve behaviour that will increase health at work, e.g. standing more, increasing breaks, stretches at work undertaken with each employee.

Further recommendations such specific equipment or changes to work demands are outlined in an individual report for each employee.


In this example further equipment recommendation was minimal.  This is a common finding as often an individual does not set up their workstation correctly and has poor postural habits.  Our assessments always tackle these issues and help influence individual behaviour in order for health outcomes to be achieved.   We believe that education is the key to success.



Our DSE assessments not only ensure an organization is legally compliant with the DSE Regulations but also looks at helping with reasonable adjustments for employees with disability or other health issues.  We work closely with your organization to ensure that any recommendations are effective, timely and practical.

The ultimate benefit to your organization is improved worker productivity and moral and reduced absenteeism and presenteeism within your company.