Occupational Health Physiotherapy


Occupational Health is a term that refers to keeping employees healthy and safe whilst in work whilst managing any risks in the workplace likely to cause work-related ill health or injury.


Every year millions of working days are lost to sickness absence, many of these absences can be prevented by the sensible application of programmes designed to identify and rectify potential problems and treat existing conditions.


Working Health @ Bevan Wilson are renowned experts in the field of Occupational Health, including the provision of specialist physiotherapy services.


You may be an employer wishing to reduce absenteeism or an employee suffering from pain or discomfort at work, we will assess every aspect of the working practice to identify causes before suggesting and implementing treatment. This treatment may take place on site or include a visit to one of our own clinics.   We may suggest simple changes to working practices or a few simple steps that can be taken by employers and employees to help eradicate the problem and reduce the risks of recurrence.


Physiotherapy is proven to be cost effective at not only keeping people at work but also in enabling a speedier return to work following absence. We ensure compliance with current legislation by implementing best practice procedures and offering sound advice designed to treat and prevent injury.


We work closely with HR and Personnel Managers as well as individuals and our experience in NHS and Private Practice allows us rare insight into the very specific requirements of businesses in many sectors from manufacturing and engineering to building trades and office or field based teams.


We are always delighted to discuss Occupational Health and its many facets including Physiotherapy, please call to speak with one of our team on 01483 801102.