Ergonomics Consultancy


Any dictionary definition of ergonomics will usually include ‘the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment’ or ‘fitting the task to the human.’


Here at Working Health @ Bevan Wilson we appreciate the commercial need to have employees working at their optimum capacity but we also understand the needs of the person themselves. Of course it is important that people work to their healthy capacity but it is also vital that people are fit for life, not just work.


We concentrate on helping people achieve their potential, allowing maximum performance at work and a genuine enjoyment of life outside the office, factory or retail environment.


Detailed observations of an individual’s work space and working habits together with suggestions for improvement, clinical observations and compliance with current legislation are offered as standard as part of our Ergonomics Consultancy Programme.


We work with company owners, HR Departments and Personnel Managers to deliver bespoke packages for businesses of all sizes and industry sectors, we are experienced in all aspects of workplace ergonomics and our advice is sought by many companies concerned with the positive welfare of their staff.


Our consultancy may be introduced as part of a larger Corporate Social Responsibility programme or employee benefit package and we are delighted to work with all major insurance companies (I would remove this as ergonomics work does not get paid by the insurance companies).


Please call or email for more information about our Ergonomics Consultancy.