Office Ergonomics and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments


Is your office making you sick?  Or does a current health complaint make is difficult for you to undertake your office work?  Does this impact on your morale, productivity and effectiveness and lead to personal discomfort and pain?


We can help to identify the issues that have a negative impact on an individual undertaking office work and make effective and realist recommendations to alleviate or reduce these issues.   It is often the simplest of changes that can really help an individual’s comfort level at work.


We can also identify problems before they occur, offer immediate advice on simple steps to comply with regulations and most importantly keep people working pain free.  This helps to keep people happy and healthy at work and reduces both absenteeism and presenteism.


All our assessments are undertaken at the highest level by Chartered Physiotherapists who are qualified and experienced in this area of work.  We have so much clinical knowledge on anatomy, physiology and the causes of musculoskeletal conditions that we are best place to undertake these assessments.


Our assessments are not just about ticking a box and recommending equipment but involve an holistic assessment of the individual and offer help and advice on behaviour change, posture, stretches and self-help tips. Working Health @ Bevan Wilson specialists assess every aspect of a person’s work station before submitting a personal, bespoke report focused on the health and wellbeing of the subject.


Neck pain, tension, arm, wrist and hand pain, postural difficulties and headaches are just some of the conditions that could be affected by office work.   Our professional advice has helped thousands of employees in many different businesses.   To discuss your precise requirements please call us to find out more.